Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam? Another Health MLM Company!

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam? Another Health MLM Company!

Welcome to my Touchstone Essentials review!

In the MLM industry, there are three big niches: health and wellness, cosmetics, and finance. These are considered the big niches because these have the most successful companies in the industry.

We’ve reviewed a handful of them and even noted some of them to be worthwhile in terms of giving you a full-time income.

Will this MLM company match up to the industry giants, or will they be nothing more than a mediocre try-hard?

Today, we’re reviewing Touchstone Essentials.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Touchstone Essentials in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this company is about and if you can make money or not.

Touchstone Essentials Review Summary

Product Name:  Touchstone Essentials

Founder:  Norwood Stone

Product Type:  Health and wellness company 

Price:  $19.95 per year + $100 monthly autoship + various starter sets.

Best For:  No one

Is Touchstone essentials a Scam Image Summary

Summary:  Touchstone Essentials is a health and wellness MLM company that markets different products. It's a decent and legitimate company, but we're disappointed with its income opportunities. The monthly autoship and annual fees just keep you from making some serious cash. You'll find out what I mean in this video. 

Rating: 50/100

Recommended:  No!


What is Touchstone Essentials?

Touchstone Essentials is a MLM or multi-level marketing company that markets various health and wellness products. Its founder, Norwood “Eddie” Stone was involved with numerous MLM companies before Touchstone Essentials.

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam - Landing Page

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam - Landing Page

Norwood was working with Nu Skin, Rexall International, and Unicity International. He also founded another company called Waiora, which was hit with multiple class action lawsuits. One of them being consumer fraud. Allegedly, the products sold by Waiora were nothing more than water. This was proven when an independent lab tested the Waiora products and discovered that they only contained 10% of the promised ingredients.

Granted, Touchstone Essentials is a different company from Waiora, but we still can’t shake the fact that something might be up with their products, which we’ll discuss below. 

Touchstone Essentials Product Line

You’ll find a lot of their products on their official catalog on their website, and you’ll get access to these at wholesale costs if you become a distributor.

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam - Product

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam - Product

However, these are their best-sellers:

  • The Best Sellers:
  • Pure Body Extra Strength - $79.95
  • Transform Pack - $179
  • Pure Body -$38.95
  • Super Green Juice - $79.95

When distributors choose the auto-ship option, you automatically get a discount. These are all one-time payments.

At a glance, the products don’t look that bad. They’re on the expensive side, but the quality looks legitimate.

Here’s what you need to know about their products:

  • Touchstone Essentials products are 100% natural, GMO-Free, Vegetarian, and healthy for long-term use.
  • Their products contain a mineral called Zeolite, which is supposed to clear toxins from your system and skin. Zeolite is a category of minerals with more than 200 types of it.
  • There are different companies that market products infused with Zeolite. Most of them happen to be cheaper than Touchstone Essentials.
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Does The Product Work?

Touchstone Essentials has listed its products on Amazon, so we were able to get a glimpse of what people thought about them.

Overall, their products average great reviews at about a 4-star rating. Some of the positive reviews mentioned that the products worked for them, as seen below:

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam - Product Reviews

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam - Product Reviews

Then there’s a mix of negative reviews as well, giving Touchstone Essentials products 1-star rating.

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam - Product Reviews That Are Negative

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam - Product Reviews That Are Negative

All these reviews, both positive and negative, should be taken with a grain of salt. You’ll find more of these reviews on their listing page right here.

How To Make Money with Touchstone Essentials?

Touchstone Essentials is your typical MLM company, so you get the same opportunities that majority of MLM companies offer.

You make money with Touchstone Essentials by:

  • Retail commissions (Wholesale-retail profits)
  • Residual commissions (Recruitment through commissions)
  • Bonuses associated with team sales, promotions, and so on.

How To Get Started with Touchstone Essentials?

There are starter kits that you can purchase from Touchstone Essentials. But you can choose to skip this step and go for the annual membership pass instead. This is called the VBO pass and costs you $19.95 per year.

This VBO pass is not included in the starter sets. Here’s what you can expect from the sets:

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam - Starter Sets

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam - Starter Sets

The left and right packages do not include the VBO pass. To waive this, you’ll need to purchase the middle package, which will cost you $659.

However, each pack will qualify you as an Active member, so you’ll be able to enjoy their income opportunities and be eligible for rank promotions.

You can also become an affiliate for free, but this will only entitle you to the retail and weekly bonuses.

Monthly Requirements

There are other requirements to be an active member. You’ll need a monthly auto-ship of about 100 CV worth of products. The CV values depending on the product and price, but usually comes to about a 1CV for $1 worth of products. So $100 worth of products is worth 100CV.

Touchstone Essentials Compensation Plan

Retail Bonus

This is the standard income opportunity. Buy at wholesale, sell at retail, the difference is your profit or your “commission”.

Referral Bonus

Members get commissions for referring people into the program. You also get a bonus based on the PV they generate, ranging anywhere between 5% and 20%.

Touchstone Essentials Residual Rewards

A closer clook at their Residual bonuses reveals that you earn commissions every time people under you reorder products, and up to 9 levels deep.

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam - Residual Commissions

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam - Residual Commissions

The lower the levels, the lower the commission.

Your recruits’ recruits are placed on level 2, and their recruits are on level 3, and so on until you get to the 9th level. This is what’s referred to as a downline.

Levels 1 to 7 = 5%

Level 8 - 3%

Level 9 - 2%

Matching Check Bonuses

You earn this bonus up to 5 levels deep and you get a 10% payout on personally enrolled members. If someone under you earns $1000, you earn $100 and so on. There’s no limit on how much money can be made here. This allows you to motivate your team to sell more.

Touchstone Essentials Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 Expensive Startup Cost

The annual fee is relatively cheap, but you still need to purchase the $659 product pack to access their compensation plan and you need a monthly order of $100 to be eligible for commissions.

#2 Monthly Sales Requirements:

The monthly autoship and sales requirements is insane, and counterproductive to be honest. You have to spend a lot of money to make a lot of it back. If you don’t sell through your autoship in a month, they roll over towards your next month as a loss.

And then it snowballs from there. This is why the autoship concept is just terrible. PERIOD.

#3 No Income Reports:

There are no income disclosure statements, let alone people reporting how much they’ve made due to their restrictions on promoting the company. It’s impossible to determine how much money people are making, or even if they do make money.

Again, everything is theoretical because there’s no proof that people are making money, and no proof that people aren’t.

What I Like About Touchstone Essentials?

Touchstone Essentials is your typical MLM company and doesn’t really stand out as much. I don’t think there’s anything I like about the company because of the ugly truths listed above.

Is Touchstone Essentials a Scam?

Touchstone Essentials is legitimate and is a reliable MLM company, but it’s quite far from providing you with a source of income.

  • The monthly autoship and expensive startup costs are what hinders you from making money. Every time you don’t sell something from the previous month, it ends up as a loss for the next month. It just stacks upon itself and so you have to be really aggressive at moving your products.
  • There’s no income disclosure statement so it’s quite hard to tell if people are making money or not.
Verdict Not Recommended Template

The products are great in their own right, but the income opportunity leaves a lot to be desired. I would not recommend it at all.

How I Make a Living Online?

I'm not a fan of MLM, not because it's illegal or not profitable, but because of all the restrictions and the expensive costs involved.

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended business model for anyone to make money online.

The reason is simple...

  • You don't have to recruit anyone to make money
  • You have the freedom to promote any products you want and not being restricted to only promote the products from one MLM company
  • It's Free to get started

In fact, with affiliate marketing...

I've personally created a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream and become financially independent at just 21 years old without any College degree or working experience!

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