Is Laptop Lifestyle System a Scam? (4 Ugly Truths Revealed!)

Is Laptop Lifestyle System a Scam? (4 Ugly Truths Revealed!)

Update June 2018:

Laptop Lifestyle System is just a sales funnel promoting MOBE (My Own Business Education).

However, MOBE has been shut down by FTC as of June 2018. That's why you can't access Laptop Lifestyle System website anymore.

So there's no point trying to find out more about LLS...

Welcome to my Laptop Lifestyle System review!

First of all, I just want to say thank you and congratulations. Thank you to checking out my review and congratulations because you're doing your own research before buying into this kind of "seemingly good" product.

If you're looking for a make money online opportunity and you came across Laptop Lifestyle System, you really need to understand the true "system" behind it before making your decision.

Laptop Lifestyle System has some really bold but attractive claims, such as earning 6-Figure a year and profiting up to $10K per sale...

laptop lifestyle system scam

Is that really possible?

laptop lifestyle system commission

I know this seems attractive...

But is it really true? Or is Laptop Lifestyle System a scam?

Look! I've found some UGLY TRUTHS behind this "system". So stay tuned and I'll reveal to you in this review...

Laptop Lifestyle System Review Summary

Product Name: Laptop Lifestyle System

Founder: Carolina Millan

Product Type: Sales Funnel for MOBE

Price: $49 + lots of upsells up to $30K!!

Best For: Carolina herself and people who have thousands of dollars to invest in the first place

laptop lifestyle system review

Summary: Laptop Lifestyle System is NOT a real system. Yes, it has value in it but it's just a sales funnel created by Carolina to promote MOBE membership. With MOBE, there are numerous upsells up to $30K which they will be pitching to you along the way after you've joined.

Rating: 15/100

Recommended: No


What is Laptop Lifestyle System?

This video was deleted because MOBE has been shut down by FTC officially!

Above is the sales video created by Carolina to promote her Laptop Lifestyle System.

In her sales video, Carolina talked about how her life was completely changed by finding the right LEVERAGE.

And this leverage she was talking about is a partnership with a company that has everything set up in place for you which includes:

  • Product fulfillment
  • Sales
  • Website design
  • Customer service
  • Merchant processing

She claimed that all you need to do is to "Find Leads" and the company has professional sales team to close all the sales for you.

You can earn up to $10K just by finding leads for this company.

is laptop lifestyle system a scam

Remember these claims?

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Don't be fooled by the sales pitch. My rule of thumb is anything that sounds too good to be true, it most probably is. Let's find out a bit more about Laptop Lifestyle System...

According to her, it's basically a 21-step training program to teach you how to find leads and profit from the very profitable system:

laptop lifestyle system training

Also, you'll be getting your own 1-on-1 business coach to guide you, proven websites and sales funnels to automatically turn traffic into cash for you.

She even claimed that you can earn up to $10K per sale just by purchasing her $49 Laptop Lifestyle System.

laptop lifestyle system package

Let me tell you first that this is NOT true. You're not able to earn up to $10K per sale unless you pay $30K. I'll explain why in the next section where I reveal all the ugly truths to you...

Laptop Lifestyle System Ugly Truth Revealed!

There's a reason I only gave 15/100 rating for Laptop Lifestyle System...

1. It's NOT a Real System

Like I've said in the summary earlier on, it's just a sales funnel that is created by Carolina to promote MOBE.

So what is MOBE?

MOBE currently stands for "My Own Business Education". They've changed their name for a few times in the past. They used to be known as "My Online Business Empire" and "My Online Business Education".

Whichever the name is, it's a high-ticket membership program that is focusing on promoting themselves.

What this means is that they have training in place to teach you how to resell their membership. When someone joins and purchases their membership, you get paid.

(If you want to find out more about MOBE, I've a detailed review of MOBE. You can read it HERE.)

Anyway, Carolina is an affiliate for MOBE which means she is just a MOBE member trying to promote their membership to you.

Take a look at the evidence below:

laptop lifestyle system testimonials

MOBE Testimoinals

On her Laptop Lifestyle System checkout page, she has three testimonials. But if you click play, you'll see that these are actually testimonials for MOBE.

laptop lifestyle system income disclosure

MOBE Income Disclosure

laptop lifestyle system terms and condition

MOBE's Terms & Conditions

As you can see above, same for their Income Disclosure Statement and Terms & Condition. She just copied everything from MOBE.

laptop lifestyle system scam

Autoresponder from MOBE

Last but not least, even the Autoresponder Email she sent me after I subscribed to her list, is from MOBE as well.

Look at the name, Email address and logo...

In her sales video, she mentioned that her life was changed dramatically "after joining the Laptop Lifestyle System".

This is not true at all because LLS is just a sales funnel created by herself. How can she possibly join her own sales funnel before she even created it?

So this is a lie!

2. The 21-Step training program is also from MOBE

Laptop Lifestyle System's 21-step training is another lie.

This 21-step training is actually MOBE's introductory training called "My Top Tier Business" or MTTB in short.

This is the training where you'll be assigned with a MOBE coach. You'll learn the basics about this program and this business. The coach will guide you along the way to help you set up your own business.

So the 1-on-1 coach claimed by Carolina for LLS is also not true. Everything she claimed about her LLS are actually from MOBE.

3. There are Numerous Upsells Waiting for You

That's not the end of the lie.

Remember that she promised you to earn up to $10K per sale and have your life changed all by investing in her $49 Laptop Lifestyle System?

In fact, if you decide to buy into her $49 product, you're basically purchasing the $49 MTTB training.

From there, you'll officially enter MOBE's sales funnel where they will be promoting to you many levels of high-ticket membership.

You can find all the details in my MOBE review. But just to give you a brief idea of the upsells ahead, these are the prices you are expecting to pay:

  1. Silver Masterclass ($2,497)
  2. Gold Masterclass ($4,997)
  3. Titanium Mastermind ($9,997)
  4. Platinum Mastermind ($16,667)
  5. Diamond Mastermind ($29,997)

See the price points?

The worst part is that you're only eligible for high-ticket commission once you've invested in these expensive membership programs.

For example, she claimed that you can earn $1,250 per sale. That's only possible if you've purchased the Silver Masterclass at $2,497.

And to qualify for the $10K commission, you have to purchase the $29,997 Diamond Mastermind.

Can you see the trick here?

For your information, Carolina is a Diamond Mastermind member. She's paid the cost of all the different membership levels before she can now earn up to $10K per sale.

So everything she claimed in her Laptop Lifestyle System sales funnel is very misleading.

Yes, what she is claiming is true, but to a certain extent. She's not telling you the other half of the equation.

4. The True Purpose of their Coaches

Don't expect yourself to be coached directly by Carolina herself because that's not going to happen.

Carolina has been speaking at various events and influencing many people around the world. However, the coach assigned to you once you join MOBE is actually a professional phone salesperson.

Yes, they will kindly guide you through the system and help you sort out whatever problems you may have.

But the true purpose of these coaches is to make to sign up for the next level upsell.

You get what I mean?

They make money when they've successfully convinced you to purchase the next level upsell.

This kind of "personal coach" system is actually not uncommon. Programs like Six Figure Mentors and Digital Altitude have adopted this strategy as well.

I was a member of Six Figure Mentors and my coach was pushing me for the next level membership. When I said that I was not considering it, he basically stop helping me or replying to my Emails.

I believe in their perspective, there's no point wasting time to help someone who doesn't want to upgrade their membership and pay money.

What I Like about Laptop Lifestyle System...

1. Real Successful Founder

After reviewing so many scam products, I've seen a lot of scam artists hiding anonymously behind their own laptop.

They'll usually use a fictitious character and claim the character to be the founder of the product. But you'll never see their faces or learn anything about them.

Even if there's a photo, it's usually a stock photo which can be found online.

So the one of the good thing about Laptop Lifestyle System has a real person behind this sales funnel who is very successful.

carolina millan

Carolina is a really successful woman entrepreneur

Just take a look at the photos above. Carolina has personal photos with ultra successful entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone and many more.

She doesn't just show her real face but she's also build a very professional brand around herself.

If you're buying into this product, at least you know there's a real person behind this, instead of some scam artists hiding behind their own computer screens.

2. Well Designed 

Another thing is that I must say the sale page and the sales funnel is pretty well-designed. It's very professional and she's very authentic, unlike those scam artists blatantly giving unrealistic claims.

3. Valuable Training & Coaching

Having said so many ugly truths about Laptop Lifestyle System, I must say that I'm not criticizing the course content and coaching.

MOBE has some pretty valuable and helpful training. But the main thing is they're overpriced.

As for the coaching, I know I've mentioned the true purpose of these coaches. But I must say their help is very important for beginners to get started.

4. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Lastly, there's a 30-Day refund period for Laptop Lifestyle System.

If you don't like the training or you've found out all the upsells waiting for you, you can still get your money back within 30 days and move on to something better such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Laptop Lifestyle System a Scam?

No, Laptop Lifestyle System is NOT a scam because MOBE is a legit company where you can really earn those huge commissions and be rich.

However, the pre-requisite is that you need to pay thousands of dollars to qualify for it in the first place.​

And making money online isn’t as simple as plugging into a done for you system.

I know their sales pitch can be really attractive and tempting as you can earn big bucks by finding leads without even requiring you to close the sales yourself.

laptop lifestyle system commission

Let me repeat myself again...

If something seems too good to be true, it most probably is!

And the worst part about Laptop Lifestyle System is that Carolina is not being 100% honest here. She's hiding a lot of the facts about her sales funnel, her relationship with MOBE, income potential and the REAL COSTS involved in this entire sales funnel.

That's why you should really stay away from this program.

A Much Better Way to Make Money Online...

Just like MOBE, my top recommended way to make money online is via Affiliate Marketing.

I agree there's one way to be rich in affiliate marketing and that is to promote high-ticket products like what MOBE recommends.

However, I cannot agree with MOBE having to pay thousands of dollars for an overpriced program just to be qualified for the commission.

My #1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

Both MOBE and Wealthy Affiliate has detailed step-by-step training. But the good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you don't need to spend thousands of dollars in the first place just to get these training.

In fact, you can get started for Free. And there's only 2 types of membership - Free Starter & Premium which costs $49/month. NO further upsells.

Both are legit companies so the choice is yours. But I would definitely recommend you to start with Wealthy Affiliate to cut down your initial cost.

Unlike Carolina, I will be there personally to help and guide you along your online journey.

Jerry Huang

Jerry is a young aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who started his online business at the age of 18. He is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone start their own online business without prior experience. He actually achieved Financial Independence at the young age of 21. Read more about his story here!

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Robert Prescott - May 19, 2018

Laptop Lifestyle System is just a sales funnel for MOBE? I wonder why that doesn’t surprise me that much. It reminds me of what my best friend told me about when she got sucked into EN, Empower Network.

She was looking for a way to generate some income from home through blogging and she found an opportunity called iPas1 and iPas2. She joined iPas only to find out it would lead her right into EN.

At that time she wasn’t aware of the less than honest nature of EN, nor did she know (like many other of their members) that the company was losing money and heading for bankruptcy.

Long story short, it is important to do your research when joining a make money online opportunity, ESPECIALLY the ones that claim you can make a specific dollar amount. Several of the so-called opportunities are sales funnels to bigger companies.

I think it should be a big red flag when you have an MMO that has changed its name multiple times. As you have pointed out above, MOBE has meant 3 different names. Why was that necessary? This should give one pause.

Thank you for exposing the ugly truths about Laptop Lifestyle System. I know it has opened my eyes into how a sales funnel can be utilized. This review will help many who are not sure whether they should sign up for it or not.

kmv - May 18, 2018

One of the best and most thorough reviews I’ve read! Nice work!

You did a great job of cutting through the details in an unbiased way. Sounds like there is some value in the training aspect provided by Carolina…but not worth getting into the MOBE money sucking monster.

I’ve looking into Wealthy Affiliate and other programs. For the money, I’ve not found anything better than WA. It also has some of the best support and community around.

So the big take away from this post, to anyone looking into affiliate marketing…if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! Don’t waste your money! Don’t be a victim!

Reviews like this help educate…thanks again!

Okoye Bibian - May 18, 2018

Hi Jerry, you did a very nice job in the review. Even though it is my first time hearing about this Laptop Lifestyle System. One of the major issues we have now is that there are so many scam products flooding the Internet today. If caution is not taken, the credibility of so many other genuine products will be at stake because it will cause people to lose trust in new products.

Thanks once again for the review!

    Jerry Huang - May 19, 2018

    Thank you so much Okoye! You’re right that there are simply too many scams out there on the Internet. It’s really hard to manage them. What’s even worse is that many more are being launched every single day. All I can do here to to thoroughly research the products and help innocent people save time and money.

Kel - May 17, 2018

This is a great article. I agree with the statements about having to “buy in” in order to qualify to earn the higher commissions. Plus, I am not aware that the company it’s self offers a continuity program for residual income. There are multiple laptop lifestyle promotions out there for different programs. I’m thinking that while the lifestyle concept is interesting, many people in business use laptops. The real benefit to financial independence is freedom and in the case of Internet marketing, the flexibility to do it almost anywhere.

Cyrus - May 17, 2018

Well, I guess I’m not going to be looking into Laptop Lifestyle System anymore. I didn’t realize that people made their own ‘system’, just to funnel people into another ‘system’, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for showing things that the lady did right. I know many people make everything seem bad when a product isn’t to their liking. It’s always good to find the good in other products.

norman richards - May 16, 2018

And yet the lies continue. Thanks for revealing the truth behind the curtains Jerry! I know there will definitely be critics about Wealthy Affiliate members writing scam reviews promoting WA. But what you’re doing here is simply amazing and valuable. You’re truly helping people to see the real identity behind many of the “seemingly good” programs out there.

    Jerry Huang - May 19, 2018

    Hey Norman,
    Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you like and support what I’m doing here. I’m obviously not writing scam reviews just for the sake of promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

    I really put in a lot of time to provide evidence and justify my arguments for each product. I really hope I can save more people’s time and money by guiding them in the right direction!

Jessica Gruenberg - May 16, 2018

There are hundreds of laptop scams. I know too many family members that have wasted hundred to thousands of dollars on these scams. Also, fake promises, earn thousands in your first month. This of course does not fall into your lap.

I am aware of Wealthy Affiliate and I am happy that you have mentioned it. Thank you for the blunt and honest review.

    Jerry Huang - May 16, 2018

    Hey Jessica,
    There are simply too many scam products being launched every single day. I just hope my reviews can help more people save time and money. Thanks for your comment 🙂


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