Is Global Wealth Trade A Scam? A Luxury MLM That's Not Worth It!

Is Global Wealth Trade A Scam? A Luxury MLM That’s Not Worth It!

Welcome to my Global Wealth Trade review!

If someone ever told you about a MLM company that sold luxury products, you probably think that they were crazy or something. 

But there's such a MLM company, and that company happens to be called Global Wealth Trade or now known as Opulence Global. 

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Global Wealth Trade or Opulence Global in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this company has in store for their distributors and their customers.

Can you really earn money by selling luxury products? 

Or is Global Wealth Trade a scam? 

Find out in this article...

Global Wealth Trade Review Summary

Product Name:  Global Wealth Trade 

Founder:  Ramin Mesgarlou

Product Type:  Luxury Fashion Products MLM

Price:  $214 to $1394, depending on Membership Package

Best For:  People who have a lot of capital to invest in MLM products and who're able to sell luxury products. 

Global Wealth Trade Review Image Summary

Summary:  Global Wealth Trade, or Opulence Global, is a MLM company that sells luxury fashion products ranging from handbags to jewelries to skin-care and beauty products. With their products having a hefty price tag, it's no surprise that their membership fees are also expensive. This is why it's a business opportunity that I cannot recommend because it requires you to invest a lot of money to get into the program and to get the products that you want. Your money is better off elsewhere. 

Rating: 40/100

Recommended:  No


What is Global Wealth Trade?

Global Wealth Trade or GWT is a luxury MLM or multi-level marketing company founded by Ramin Mesgarlou.

This MLM company is the epitome of luxury as they bring luxury products like jewelries, handbags, and sunglasses to the table.

The company launched in 2005 and continues to operate to date of writing.

But GWT wasn’t Mesgarlou’s first MLM company. Between 2000 and 2001, he worked for 3XS Enterprises on a $42,000 annual salary.

However, he was fired and took 3XS Enterprises to court on the grounds of wrongful dismissal.

Global Wealth Founder and CEO Ramin Mesgarlou

Founder and CEO Ramin Mesgarlou

No other specifics were revealed other than the company lost to Mesgarlou.

But he claims to have worked in the MLM industry since 1990 and that his family has been manufacturing jewelry for 100 years.

I’d like to presume that it’s because of Mesgarlou’s family contacts that they were able to source their varied product range from.

What Is Opulence Global?

It was only in 2018 where they decide to change the company name just in time to add a new product line to their company.

Global Wealth Trade Opulence Homepage

Now, they are known as Opulence Global, but when you visit their website, you’ll notice that the domain name still contains the abbreviations for Global Wealth Trade, which is GWT.

Nothing much has changed in terms of their executive lineup, which you’ll see on their About Us page on their website.

Global Wealth Trade Product Line

Think of Global Wealth Trade as an MLM department store.

Their strength lies in their branding and it’s what drives their Luxury Consultants (their IBO’s or Independent Business Owners) to get a lot of sales.

Global Wealth Trade Product Line

For their luxury consultants, they are able to market GWT’s three signature luxury brands:

  1. POSH – This is their product line for jewelry and includes rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.
  2. FERI – These are their higher-end jewelries and accessories that feature sterling silver pieces, leather handbags, belts, and wallets, and others.
  3. FERI MOSH – This is their highest-end product lines of jewelries are featured. These include 19k to 21k gold jewelry. This line also includes a bridal collection, more shoes, and more handbags.
  4. FERI FLAWLESS – This is their new product line introduced when they transitioned to Opulence Global. This line includes all of their skin-care and beauty products.

You can check out more of their product catalog by clicking this link right here.

Does The Product Work?

There is no way for me to gauge if their products work because these are what I’d call fashion products.

So, instead, I go look for reviews on how the quality of their products are.

And just like their founder’s MLM history, nothing can be found on how the quality of their products are.

This leads me to assume two things:

  1. People actually like the products that they bought from Global Wealth Trade, and the quality is somewhat acceptable.
  2. No one actually bought products from Global Wealth Trade for reasons unknown and that’s why no one’s said anything about their product.

I am more inclined to go with the first assumption since the company’s still around and that they’re able to get more sign-ups for their retailer account, which I’ll go over in the next section.

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How To Make Money With Global Wealth Trade?

Global Wealth Trade or Opulence Global provides the same business opportunity as any other MLM company.

Their customers (or Luxury Consultants) can earn money in two ways:

  1. Selling their products to the customers and earning retail commissions
  2. Recruiting people

And like most MLMs, it relies on two types of marketing:

  1. Word-of-mouth marketing
  2. Social media marketing

That’s probably how you may have heard of Global Wealth Trade in the first place.

A friend, family member, or a co-worker may have brought it up at a few social media posts.

How To Get Started With Global Wealth Trade?

Global Wealth Trade offers three different kinds of membership, and only two of them will grant you access into the MLM opportunity.

  1. Retailer Membership at $214 – Gives you a 20% discount to resell their products, so you roughly earn around a 20% commission.
  2. Lifestyle Promoter at $483 – Gives you 25% discount on products plus access to their MLM opportunity
  3. Lifestyle Advisor at $1394 – Gives you a 30% discount on products plus access to their MLM opportunity

This is taken from their website, so you’ll know exactly what each package entails.

Global Wealth Trade Opulence Started

Membership Packages

The primary difference between the Retailer account and the two Lifestyle accounts is the higher income potential, with the latter giving you better discounts and more commissions.

There’s also no mention if a Retailer can upgrade to any of the two Lifestyle packages at a discounted rate (since you know, he or she already signed up).

Global Wealth Trade Compensation Plan

The company’s compensation plan provides you with 5 ways to earn income, and I’ll go over each one and explain them briefly.

What’s important here is you know what you’re getting into and what you’re getting out of it because you’re paying a lot of money to get into the program.

  1. Retail Commissions – Retailers and Luxury Consultants earn retail commissions on sales to retail customers. The commission rate is 30% difference between the retail and wholesale price of the ordered product.
  2. Recruitment Commissions – Luxury Consultants earn $35 when a person they recruit signs up for the Luxury Promoter Package, and $105 if they sign up for the Lifestyle Advisor package.
  3. Residual Commissions – This is paid out at an unspecified rate and follows a binary compensation structure.
  4. Global Revenue Sharing Pool – This is a sharing pool made up of an unspecified percentage of Opulence Global’s worldwide sales volume.
  5. Organizational Revenue Sharing – Presidential Lifestyle Directors and Royal Lifestyle Directors receive a bonus percentage on their binary team sales volume.

I am not going to delve into too much details for their compensation plan.

I would rather point you to their official presentation, which runs at about 13 minutes (compared to those 30 minute ones you see on YouTube).

Disclaimer: Video may contain a lot of sales pitches, so just wade through those and keep an open mind.

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Global Wealth Trade Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 – It’s SO EXPENSIVE To Get Into!

The minimum cost for you to join their opportunity and make it worth your while is around $483 for their Lifestyle Promoter membership.

Why is that?

You’re limiting yourself to your income stream if you just sign up for a retailer, and that 20% discount doesn’t really give me a lot of confidence.

On the other hand, you’re getting a 25% discount plus access to different commissions. But it’s still very expensive.

I know that there are different MLM companies are more lucrative than Global Wealth Trade and they’re cheaper to get into.

I am talking about MLM companies such as Young Living, USANA, and Now Lifestyle.

Note that these are also MLM companies that I would rather have you look at than Global Wealth Trade too.

#2 – Did Anyone Actually Earn Money From Their Program?

I don’t know if it had something to do with the name change or other factors, but I have yet to actually find out if someone actually made money from their program.

And no, I am not going to count Mesganlou and the rest of the executive team.

They have a really solid compensation plan and I believe that anyone can make a decent buck or two because of that.

However, there’s no income disclosure statement or even revenue report generated for me to determine if someone did earn money (even if it’s just potential income).

For me, this is a big issue because if I don’t know an MLM company’s income potential, how is it supposed to give me confidence that I’ll be able to get my money back?

What I Like About Global Wealth Trade?

#1 – A Solid Compensation Plan

Some MLM companies will often make their compensation plan as complicated as possible so you don’t get to maximize the company’s earning potential.

With Opulence Global or Global Wealth Trade however, the compensation plan is solid and straightforward, albeit with undisclosed rates for some of their means of income.

But if I were to compute for my earnings based on retail commissions and profits alone, I’d say it’s a little better than what most MLM companies offer.

Allow me to paint a pretty picture.

Supposing I’m a Luxury Promoter and I get the 25% discount plus access to their compensation structure.

If I sell a product at $100 retail, I get it at $75 wholesale, so my profit is at $25.

Then there’s the retail commission of 30% of the difference (or the profit, for that matter).

30% of $25 is $7.5.

For every $100 product I sell, I earn a total of $32.5.

That’s not a bad number, and granted that they have expensive product lines, I think you’d be able to earn more if you can sell their products.

Is Global Wealth Trade A Scam?

Like Cinderella, Global Wealth Trade transformed into what’s now known as Opulence Global and turned every mistake they made from the previous company into opportunity.

With that said, it’s a legitimate company that’s been around for more than 10 years and that’s worth mentioning for a MLM company.

Sadly, I don’t recommend anyone to get involved with this company nor their business opportunity.

Despite being lucrative enough to actually help you get your money back, you’re still paying a lot of money to be able to do that and the products are very expensive to begin with.

I am talking about restocking up to the ears with luxury products that may or may not even sell to begin with.

The wholesale discount, even at 30%, doesn’t alleviate the fact that you’re still going to pay hundreds of dollars for their luxury brands.

But if you have the capital and the capability to sell these products, you may have a shot at being successful with their business opportunity.

How I Make A Living Online?

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