Is Elepreneurs a Scam? It's a MLM Company Within Another MLM!

Is Elepreneurs a Scam? It’s a MLM Company Within Another MLM!

Welcome to my Elepreneurs review!

Remember the movie Inception? You know, the theme about “the dream within a dream”? 

Well, what if we told you that this is a MLM company within a MLM company? 

You’re probably wondering how that works. It almost looks like it’s close to being a pyramid scheme, but in fact, the company’s legitimate as far as we’re concerned. 

This is Elepreneurs.

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" product.

That's the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Let me be completely transparent with you, I'm not associated with Elepreneurs in any form.

So, rest assured that I'm not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Instead, I'm here to reveal what this MLM company is all about...

Elepreneurs Review Summary

Product Name:  Elepreneurs

Founder:  Robert Oblon

Product Type:  Health and Wellness MLM

Price:  $49 Annual Fee + $40 Autoship + Various Starter Packs

Best For:  No one

Is Elepreneurs a Scam Image Summary

Summary:  Elepreneurs is a health and wellness MLM company that markets another MLM company's product line. But there's a lot of things we noticed that just didn't sit well with us. They have no FDA approval for their products, so their claims can be misleading. There's also no proof that their members are earning any income. 

Rating: 50/100

Recommended: No!


What is Elepreneurs?

Elepreneurs is a health and wellness MLM or multi-level marketing company that was launched in 2017 by Robert Oblon to promote Elevacity products.The company is based out of Texas. 

But what is Elevacity? 

It’s also another MLM company founded by Oblon that started in 2016. So, why are there 2 companies then?

Well, Elepreneurs was designed to help market Elevacity products. It has a separate compensation plan outside of Elevacity. This means that you can both be a member of both MLM companies and enjoy its unique benefits. 

Who Is Robert Oblon?

Robert Oblon is well-experienced in the MLM industry. He started out as the President of a travel MLM called World Ventures, which we also reviewed not too long ago. But the company was sued back in 2011 for violating a non-compete clause. 

Oblon went on and registered a domain name for Elevacity in 2014 as a way to promote his newer MLM called Travopoly, which he launched in 2015. Elevacity was supposed to be a vacation portal attached to Travopoly, but he pivoted when he stumbled across a “revolutionary product”. 

And since then, Elevacity and Elepreneurs were born.  

Elepreneurs Product Line

Elepreneurs doesn’t have any product line of its own to offer. Instead, it markets Elevacity products.

Is Elepreneurs a Scam - Products

Is Elepreneurs a Scam - Products

Now, there’s nothing illegal about this business model. It turns Elevacity into a distributor of sorts and it supplies the products to Elepreneurs and other companies. 

Here’s a list of products they have to offer: 

  1. DOSE - This is a combination of beverages ranging from coffees to chocolate shake mixes that contain Xanothomax, their nutritional proprietary blend. This retails for about $100 on average for all the blends. 

  2. Wellness Functional Beverages - This includes Elevate Smart Coffee, Choclevate, and Elevate Nitro. The first two cost $55 while the third one costs $65. 

  3. Wellness Supplements - These cover XanthoMax and Elevate Pure 2.0. XanthoMax is an antioxidant supplement while Elevate Pure 2.0 is for removing toxins. 

You also have other products such as vitamin skin patches and skin care products, but we won’t be talking about those. 

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Does The Product Work?

There hasn’t been much change since we last reviewed Elevacity a year ago. One thing we did notice is that their marketing strategies play a dangerous game with compliance. 

Take for example, their marketing on their DOSE product. I know they’re trying to be smart with their words and acronyms, but it does imply that it has “medicinal benefits”.

We’re not going to conclude that it actually implies that because the FDA or Food and Drug Administration would’ve had something to say about it. Nevertheless, they do market their products in a way that’s tacky and unnecessary. 

If you go to Amazon, you’ll find that the Elevacity products have positive feedback from their users. We’d like to take these with a grain of salt because it’s easy to falsify product reviews, even on Amazon. 

Is Elepreneurs a Scam - Positive Review

Is Elepreneurs a Scam - Positive Review

But one thing that you can’t falsify is their reports of side effects, which users have reported in our Elevacity review. 

Elevacity claims that their products are free from any side effects, but there are a lot of people who say otherwise. Take this comment for example: 

Is Elepreneurs a Scam - Side Effect

Is Elepreneurs a Scam - Side Effect

It wasn’t only her that experienced the side effects, but her entire family. We assume that this was caused by Xanthohumol, which is an extract from one of the crops used to make beer. 

But unless the FDA study their ingredients, we’re only left with guessing which causes which.

How To Make Money with Elepreneurs?

There are two ways to make money from Elepreneurs:

  1. Retail sales and commissions
  2. Commissions and bonuses from building a team

How To Get Started with Elepreneurs?

There’s a yearly cost of $49 associated with joining Elepreneurs. Then you’ll need to buy one of the enrollment packs listed below: 

Happy ($249)

Happier ($499)

Happiest ($999)

The differences between these packs are the products included.

You’ll also need to pay $40 a month for the autoshipment. Elepreneurs sends you $40 worth of products for you to sell and move. 

Elepreneurs Compensation Plan

We’re not going to dwell much on their compensation plan, and neither should you. We came up with a summarized version of it, along with a YouTube video to help explain things:

​Elepreneurs Affiliate Ranks

There are 12 ranks that you could achieve by meeting sales bonuses and recruitment bonuses. How much you sell per month and how much your team sells per month affects your ranking. In any MLM history, we’ve yet to see someone move from the lowest rank up to the highest ones. 

Retail Sales

You make a retail commission based on the products you sell. This is simply your retail profits. You purchase products at wholesale and sell them for retail pricing. This averages at about 10 to 30%. 

Infinity Bonus

This follows a unilevel compensation structure that has you earning a 20% match on sales volume generated by your recruits. If your recruits get 2 people, you earn 20% of the recruits’ recruits.

Other parts of their compensation plan include:

  1. Fast start pack bonus (5% on a starter pack your downline chooses)
  2. Customer acquisition bonus (customers that order $80 or more order- enroll 3 = $25, 5 = $50, 7 = $100 bonus)
  3. Unilevel bonus (1-7% for up to 10 levels deep depending on your rank)
  4. Leadership bonus ($400-$1,000 a month for Platinum rank or higher, see table below for how to get there)
  5. Diamond pool (0.5% of total global CV divided by diamond ranks)
  6. Ambassador pool (1.5% of total global CV divided by ambassador ranks)

Elepreneurs Ugly Truths Revealed!

#1 Monthly Autoshipment

We don’t think there’s a positive upside to subscribing to autoshopments. This starts off okay but when you are unable to move the previous month’s inventory completely, you’re left with more money in inventory.

This means that you have more money to recoup as the months roll along. 

#2 Expensive To Set Up

If you think about it, your initial start up cost would total to about a few hundred dollars. Your autoships alone are going to be worth $480 for a year in itself. 

Bottom line, Elepreneurs isn’t that far off from any other typical MLM company because of the maintenance costs. 

#3 No Proofs Of Income

Much like Elevacity, Elepreneurs doesn’t have any proof that the members are making any money. In fact they released this statement that covers both Elepreneurs and Elevacity members’ income potential. 

Is Elepreneurs a Scam - Statement of Typical Participant Earnings

Is Elepreneurs a Scam - Statement of Typical Participant Earnings

If you read that sentence, it says that members are earning that amount of money for a year. This may change here and there, but the point remains that they’ve generated enough information to come up with that conclusion. 

And that’s not a lot of money. 

#4 Products Are Not Tested by the FDA

Health and wellness companies have the burden of having their products tested by the FDA if they want to make medicinal and therapeutic claims. This means paying thousands of dollars to scrutinize their ingredients. 

But an FDA approval has a huge bearing on any health and wellness product because the claims are backed and tested by science. 

But with Elepreneurs, all claims are unfounded and unproven without any medical or scientific basis. These are all based on personal experience.

What I Like About Elepreneurs?

Elepreneurs, much like its sister company Elevacity, have nothing unique or special to offer. The negative feedback mentioned above is far too heavy to be outweighed by any positive feedback. 

Is Elepreneurs a Scam?

Elepreneurs is a legitimate MLM company as far as we’re concerned. It doesn’t have anything suspicious going on, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a good company to work with. 

  1. At this time, there’s no proof that people are actually making money that would even be considered full-time or part-time income. 

  2. Their products are known to have potential side effects, so tread carefully. 

  3. The monthly autoship will definitely become your financial sinkhole in this company. You’re forced to sell through inventory, even to the point of selling them below cost. 

There are better opportunities out there. Elepreneurs isn’t just one of them.

How I Make a Living Online?

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