Infusionsoft CRM Review: A Very Powerful Tool But...

Infusionsoft CRM Review: A Very Powerful Tool But…

Article researched and written by the guys at WAH Pursuit

Welcome to my Infusionsoft review!

You landed on this review because you are looking for an Email Service Provider (ESP) and/or a Customer Relationship Management (CSM) program and you want to know whether Infusionsoft is the right fit for you...

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking your time to do your own research before making any purchasing decision.

Let's find out what you need to know about Infusionsoft...

Infusionsoft Review Summary

Product Name: Infusionsoft

Founder: Scott and Eric Martineau and Clate Mask

Product Type: Email Marketing + Customer Relationship Management + E-commerce

Price: Basic Plan starts at $50/month

Best For: Companies that need sophisticated & powerful CRM system

infusionsoft com review

Summary: Infusionsoft is a very sophisticated and powerful tool for companies to build list, manage your customers and scale your business. You can customize and automate a lot of things in your entire business/funnel. The downside is its complexity so it's more suitable for companies instead of individuals.

Rating: 85/100

Recommended: Yes


What is Infusionsoft?

InfusionSoft is a web-based software that integrates CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Email Marketing and E-Commerce.

It allows you to record all sorts of interactions with each client, which in combination with its industry-leading automation tools, helps you treat him as an individual and thus develop customer loyalty.

So, Infusionsoft is more targeted for small and medium-sized businesses, instead if individuals who may be better off with ConvertKit.

The most powerful thing about Infusionsoft (and what it's best known for) is the drag-and-drop campaign builder interface that allows for all sorts of creative ways in which you can:

  • Set up follow-ups for every situation
  • Program time-delayed actions and email sequences
  • Realize unseen opportunities (e.g. helping you figure out the perfect timing to promote something to a given sector of your audience)
  • Automatically act according to their behavior (you can also choose from lots of battle-tested campaign templates if you don't want to build yours from scratch)

Every email you send out can be personalized and automated based on lots of factors:

  • Have opening rates gone down lately?
  • Is he a recent arrival or he's been with you for a while?
  • What's his budget?
  • Even past engagement with your products, interests, gender, offers he already declined, etc...

Another very interesting one is this:

Out of the sequence of emails you sent, or the pages and articles you asked him to visit, which ones did he actually view?

That way you know whether he's on the same page as everyone else or not and what information he's aware of.

For instance, did he open a particular email where an example of how your product works was shown? If not, you can send that one again and make sure every one of your contacts is properly warmed up for the upcoming offer.

You could do this on your own of course, but there's no other software out there that makes this easier or faster, which also allows for so much creativity with your campaigns.

Lifecycle Marketing

It's the 3-part philosophy or model behind the development of InfusionSoft and the basic structure for most online marketing.

  1. Attract: Target, attract, collect lead.
  2. Sell: Nurture, offer, close the sell.
  3. WOW factor: Satisfy, offer more, get referrals. 


You narrow down your target market for a Facebook ad, make it into an attractive proposition for people to click on, and collect their email address using an opt-in form.

Now you nurture them with valuable, helpful content and end up promoting stuff that's in their best interest to take.

If there is a conversion, now it's all about satisfying him with the product or service so he keeps being a customer for a long time and hopefully even bring other people in.

Done right, it's a beautiful feedback cycle where the end can spark a new start.

The Power of Infusionsoft

This is what Infusionsoft CAN do...

  • Help attract new leads by supplying good looking, easy to set up funnels and giving you the tools to process and store all the data you collect.
  • Enhance customer loyalty by facilitating how you can treat them as individuals and keeping an accurate record of all that valuable data.
  • Nurture those leads and make them convert into customers.
  • check
    Integrate what otherwise would require several different services to get done: CRM, Autoresponder, eCommerce, Analytics, Payment processing...
  • check
    Work perfectly for WordPress sites. There's even a plugin for this.
  • check
    Automate pretty much everything you can think of about your workflow.
  • check
    Import your list very easily if you were using other software before.
  • check
    Personalize every interaction with that contact (whether a person or business).
  • check
    Measure / test how they respond to your marketing.
  • check
    Merge your CRM, e-Commerce, billing, sales and marketing into one ecosystem.
  • check
    Work with tons of third-parties via plugins you can find on InfusionSoft's marketplace.

(Mobit, Spiffy Order Forms, ThriveLeadPages or SamCart are just a few examples. Some of them, like LeadPages, integrate very easily into InfusionSoft. Others though, you might have to do a bunch of manual work. Despite that, step-by-step guides exist and you can always learn from other people in the community about what add-ons they find essential.)

This is what Infusionsoft CAN'T do...

  • Be a full replacement for renowned, more complete eCommerce platforms out there. (They are indeed getting there, but for now they can't possibly be the best in every single area. They lack the focus of Shopify or WooCommerce. More on this below.)
  • Save you and your employees time if you don't already know exactly what it is that you want to automate. In other words, you don't know your workflow down to specifics and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).
  • Provide templates and funnels you can use on anyone without doing any targeting.
  • Times
    Help you sell more if your product or service isn't good or you don't already have a decent-sized list.
  • Times
    Make you a better spammer. (It's been made very clear in the terms of use: If people report you for reaching out to them without permission, your account will be canceled.)
  • Times
    Ease up the transition when you're coming from other software. (InfusionSoft is a monster you need to spend some time domesticating!)


Everything can be automated:

  • Sales funnels
  • Webinar invitations
  • Limited time offers
  • Billing plans
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Product fulfillment
  • Cancellations and refunds...

For example, a reminder can be sent to those who added a product to the shopping cart a week ago and haven't made the purchase yet.

Emails can be chronologically broadcasted in terms such as:

  • "X days after he signed up for the newsletter"
  • A month after first purchase, birthday (or a week before?)
  • A cart abandonment sequence
  • Keep up with failed billing charges
  • And many, many other combinations of variables.

All of this can be set up via InfusionSoft's drag-and-drop interface.

It comes organized in "sequences" and "goals" which progress onto the next step when a given action or threshold is triggered.

infusionsoft automation

You can always pick pre-defined marketing campaigns from the library and drop some of that into your sequences.

It's important to notice how much the entire billing process benefits from this.

Upsells, downsells, subscription timeframes, reminders, what ifs (conditional actions)... can all be timed with precision to maximize conversion rates. This is particularly useful to re-activate dormant customers.

You can do wonders when the power to automatically interact with thousands of people everyday is synchronized with the ability to personalize your relationship with each contact.


This is where InfusionSoft truly stands out among its competitors.

There is limitless flexibility when planning out your whole online marketing. Every customer or "contact" is linked to a very complete record of information you can use to design your approach.

infusionsoft personalization

Yes, all those fields and tabs can store tons of useful data about the contact.

How creative are you willing to get to maximize conversion rates? 

For instance, it's easy to send out surveys or testimonial requests as part of your automated process. The feedback you get can be extremely useful.

With the use of tags, there are many ways in which you can break down your target audience:

  • History of previous interactions
  • Level of engagement with your content
  • Types of offers they accepted / declined
  • Date of sign-up
  • Did they bring at least one referral?
  • Do they have a credit card or Paypal account linked to your store?
  • Recently purchased an upsell / downsell?
  • And even more personal variables like age group or wealth status.


Even though it's not the most complete eCommerce solution out there, you can have a good looking online store up and running very easily.

There are a few things that need improvement in comparison to the top eCommerce platforms: 

  • It lacks a little bit of freedom to customize the store
  • They don't give you a free SSL certificate
  • Mobile checkout forms could be even more mobile-friendly (better layout and loading times).

In any case, this is just in comparison to the world's best eCommerce solutions so this doesn't mean you can't build an amazing online store, it just means you have to bother with some extra manual work.

To get started, set up the following:

  • Billing and payment options
  • Products and subscription plans
  • Shipping methods
  • Shopping cart
  • Order forms and invoices
  • Connect a merchant account
  • Upsell / Downsell chains. 

And very importantly, product fulfillment - That is, the schedule and delivery of the product via "fulfillment reports" which include all the necessary information for shipment.

These are automatically submitted to your own team or another company who does the shipping (whether physical or digital).

Then design and organize your storefront (where your products are on display), and proceed to automate your order follow-up and every other step of your process. 

You might also want to install an automated cart abandonment follow-up, a free trial, discounts and promotions... 

There are lots of options to manage each product:

infusionsoft ecommerce

The order form is usually where the transaction takes place. The prospects can arrive to the checkout with the billing, shipping, discount (if any) information pre-populated into the form fields.

When you're promoting a specific product (i.e. the customer doesn't come from the store), use order forms instead.

For example, a shopping cart wouldn't make any sense if it's about a one-time offer you sent to their inbox.

Plenty of themes and pre-built templates are available for your store so you don't have to design everything from scratch.

You have many options in terms of how your store is going to look and function. You can always switch to the code view to manually modify anything.

For compatibility with third-party services, get an API key and enjoy even more possibilities.

Stripe (a service to accept payments), through an add-on called StripeyFuse, is one of them. Just do a search in the Marketplace.

"Personal" Paypal accounts are not supported and you can't accept payments with these. If you don't know what type of account you have, look in the settings.

The fundamentals are now covered. If you need further information, here is InfusionSoft's own guide to eCommerce.

Key Tools & Features

1. Drag & Drop Email Builder

infusionsoft email builder

Come up with good looking, easy-to-read emails in very little time. Use the visual editor or switch to html/css for specifics. There are tons of templates as usual, and you can save your own.

2. Campaign Builder

infusionsoft campaign builder

Already explained. Beautifully put together, incredibly flexible. The heart of InfusionSoft.

3. Landing Page Builder

infusionsoft landing page builder

User-friendly tool to make high-converting landing pages. Also for any web form, opt-in or thank-you page...

4. Import Contacts

This is a must for newcomers so they built a module to be able to do this properly. After uploading your list in .csv format, match the fields to pass all the data.

infusionsoft import contact

More info here if you want to go in-depth.

5. The Market Place

There's an entire marketplace of apps, plugins, courses and pre-made campaigns you can add to your account in order to enhance what the software can do for you. This is why InfusionSoft rocks... you can do anything! And many of these are actually free.

Infusionsoft marketplace

6. Customer Service/The Community

According to several trustable reviews out there, they lead you through the process of setting everything up and are very knowledgeable about every function of the software.

Every month, there's even a given amount of hours you can have them on the phone for free.

It also has a great community: From private Facebook groups to the annual ICON conference in Phoenix, veteran members help the newbies and everyone shares ideas with each another. Trying to domesticate the whole thing without this is probably not a good idea.

7. The Affiliate/Referral Partner Module

Helps you expand your business via affiliates. Includes tools to enroll, equip, track, and reward those who help sell your products. It works with the CRM and eCommerce components to track referrals and commissions.

8. Templates

Templates for all sorts of things:

  • Emails for different scenarios
  • Copywriting
  • Selling sequences
  • Outreach campaigns
  • Squeeze pages...

Infusionsoft Pricing

Once again, Infusionsoft's pricing is as complicated as its functions.

All I can tell you is that the lowest plan starts from $50/month for up to 500 subscribers for your list.

It's very complicated because there are different add-on features that require different fees.

For example, if you want to integrate E-commerce, you have to pay additional $29/month. If you want to integrate a "sales pipeline", you need to pay another $29/month for that as well.

And the monthly fee you need to pay will depend on the number of subscribers you have.

So, if you want to find out the details, head over to Infusionsoft's pricing page and check out the price that's most suitable for you.

What We Don't Like About Infusionsoft...

1. Complexity

There is no way around it, it's complicated and there's a learning curve.

It's the flipside of offering so many possibilities. You actually need to go through mandatory, pricy "Kickstarter" coaching to really make friends with the software.

2. Reports & Testing

They still have work to do in how they display data. Sometimes you have to come to your own conclusions after figuring stuff out yourself.

Testing isn't outstanding either, you might have to create two versions of the same page in order to perform A/B testing. As of now, InfusionSoft can't directly do that, although you can always use third-party tools.

3. Initial Cost

Introductory coaching, monthly fee, installing some premium add-ons from the marketplace... it adds up.

It's all about ROI though, you have to find out yourself if it's worth it or not. If you don't have a somewhat established business, don't get ahead of yourself and go for a more basic and affordable option.

Conclusion (+Infusionsoft Alternative)

Here's my opinion about Infusionsoft...

I would say Infusionsoft is a double-edged sword.

If you're willing to spend the time and money to learn how to use it efficiently, you're going to love this tool.

However, the complexity of the tool is really a big turn off for many people.

So, Infusionsoft is a really powerful tool for companies, especially the Customer Relationship Management part.

As long as there are someone in your company knows how to fully utilize Infusionsoft, or you're willing to train people for it, it's going to help your company a lot in terms to the overall sales, marketing and everything.

If you need to check out more Infusionsoft reviews, I suggest you read this article, it should help you know if those reviews are legit or not.

However, if you're just a blogger, internet marketer or small business owner, I don't think it's worth your time and money to invest in Infusionsoft.

Before I end off this review, let me just share with you a story...

Pat Flynn, one of the world's best affiliate marketer whom I admire a lot, used to use Infusionsoft for his affiliate marketing business.

But then after a while, he start to feel that the complexity of the tool is really not doing any good to him. So he eventually switched to ConvertKit - a much simpler Email Service Provide, just that it doesn't have the CRM functions.

Pat Flynn

In fact, ConvertKit is marketed as the tool that has the "power of Infusionsoft" and the "simplicity of MailChimp".

So, here's the deal...

If you are a company that requires sophisticated CRM system, go for Infusionsoft.

But, if you're just an individual or a small business owner who doesn't really need those sophisticated tools, go for CovertKit.

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