Auto Affiliate Machine Review - What a LOUSY Machine!

Auto Affiliate Machine Review – What a LOUSY Machine!

Welcome to my Auto Affiliate Machine review!

First of all, I must Congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research before buying into any "seemingly good" products".

I know I only have a few seconds to capture your attention. So very quickly why listen to me?

If you do a simple search for "Auto Affiliate Machine review", you can find lots of reviews highly recommending this product.

But what these marketers are really doing is that they want to promote it to you to earn affiliate commissions.

Personally, I'm not an affiliate of Auto Affiliate Machine so rest assured that I'm not here to promote this product to you.

Instead, I'll be uncovering the real truth of this product for you to make your own decision.


Auto Affiliate Machine Review Summary

Product Name: Auto Affiliate Machine (AAM)

Founder: Founded by Billy Darr, David Kirkby & Justin Opay on 26th April 2018

Product Type: Affiliate Product Review PDF Generator

Price: $17 + 4 upsells & numerous downsells

Best For: The owners only

auto affiliate machine review

Summary: Auto Affiliate Machine is just a software to help you generate a simple PDF document. It claims to help you make thousands of dollars on autopilot but it's really not the case. It's doing affiliate marketing in the wrong way. (If you want to know why, keep reading my review below!)

Rating: 15/100

Recommended: No


What is Auto Affiliate Machine?

So basically this is another hyped-up product claiming that you can start making instant commissions on autopilot in just 47 seconds.

auto affiliate machine scam

Within seconds landing on the Auto Affiliate Machine's sales page, numerous scam alarms went off for me.

They are using all the typical scammy sales technique claiming:

  • Instant profit (which is definitely not possible)
  • Free Viral Traffic
  • Autopilot Commissions
  • Push-button solution
  • And you don't have to do anything much because they will be doing all the hard work and heavy-lifting for you

These can sound very appealing for newbies but let me be honest with you, making money online is not so easy. 

There's no shortcut, neither is there any push-button or turn-key solutions to make you lots of money without putting in hard work.

So before we continue further, if you've decided to stay away from this product (which is the right decision to make), please check out my top recommended program for making money online HERE!

How Does Auto Affiliate Machine Work?

Okay basically, Auto Affiliate Machine is just a cloud-based software that creates affiliate product reviews in PDF format in a matter of seconds.

The founders of this AAM want to do Affiliate Marketing differently.

So instead of the normal video reviews you see on YouTube or the website review like the one you're reading right now, their software helps you to create a product review in the form of PDF document and you can share it on your social media.

Below is a sample PDF review created by their software:

auto affiliate machine pdf

Sample PDF by Auto Affiliate Machine

Here are the steps involved to use Auto Affiliate Machine:

  • Step 1: Choose an Affiliate Product to Promote
  • Step 2: Use the Auto Affiliate Machine Software to Create a Good-Looking PDF
  • Step 3: Share it on Your Social Media
  • Step 4: Earn Affiliate Commission when someone Purchases any Product via your link inside the PDF

So all you need to do is to customize the product details like product name, description, eCover, images, affiliate links and Call-to-Action button. And the software will help you generate a simple product review in PDF file.

auto affiliate machine members area

Auto Affiliate Machine members area

Not only that, you can connect your AAM with your social profiles (up to 8 different social media) so that your PDF file can be shared automatically on your social profiles.

In short, Auto Affiliate Machine is just a promotional-document editor + social media syndication tool.

Below is a short DEMO video of AAM:

But my question is...

Why do you need to purchase a software to help you create PDF when anyone can easily create it on your own laptop for Free?

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Auto Affiliate Machine Ugly Truths Revealed!

We've finally come to the most important part of this review where we will be taking a look at the drawbacks of this product.

From my thorough research, I've found quite a number of flaws...

1. No Traffic = No Business!

So what exactly is the "Free Viral Traffic" they have been talking about throughout their sales pitch and why it's not true?

Their Free Viral Traffic simply refers to the traffic coming from your social media followers/friends because the only way they teach about traffic generation is to share your PDF on your social media.


What about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Facebook Ads? Pay Per Click (PPC)? And other traffic generation methods?

Nope, they're not covered inside the training!

Let me repeat myself, the ONLY traffic generation method they teach you is to share your PDF product review on your own social profile, that's all.

And the worst part about this is that it's not going to work for most people because social media marketing is ineffective if you don't know branding or paid Ads.

Promising you to get tons of Free traffic is just a lie. The lie to lure you into their trap.

Without real traffic, your business is not going anywhere. You can't make any money at all.

2. Affiliate Marketing The Wrong Way

The owners of AAM claimed to do affiliate marketing differently that's why they adopt this seldom used PDF promotional method.

Yes, it's unique but it doesn't work for sure.

First of all, PDFs are outdated. Think about this...

Do you even read an eBook you just downloaded 5 minutes ago?

eBook used to be an effective lead magnet but people start to get immune to it. Very few people actually go and spend time read an eBook because there are simply too many distractions around us.

PDF product review will be even worse because it is not providing an value. It's simply a PDF selling a product.

Nobody's gonna read that and purchase anything.

Instead, the right way to do Affiliate Marketing is to build a website or a landing page with effective sales funnel in place.

That's not the end. You have to offer value to your readers first before you even ask for anything in return.

That's how you create a long-lasting relationship with your customer and maximize your earnings in the long run.

The PDF Product Review is not offering any value at all. How are you going to turn a complete stranger into a loyal customer?

In fact, my website here is generating me 4-figure affiliate commissions every month because I offer value and genuine help to my readers.

If I simply offer you a PDF, would you even open it up? I doubt so...

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3. Step-by-Step Training? Forget it!

AAM claimed to offer you a step-by-step training to teach you how to make $100 per day...

auto affiliate machine training

But to be honest, it's just a very short and brief training with only 6 videos, 25-minute worth of video.

It serves no purpose and it's basically just showing how the software works.

There's no proper training on the real practices of Affiliate Marketing, traffic generation, conversion optimization, etc...

4. Hidden Cost

There are a total of 4 upsells which I'll talk more about later on. But that's not the end...

If you want to create your own PDF product review with Auto Affiliate Machine, you have to upload your own eCover, the graphics for your PDF report.

But if you don't know how to create an eCover, this is an extra cost you have to bear and hire someone to do that for you.

5. The Real Intention of The Founders...

To be honest, I highly suspect that the founder of AAM is just trying to make more money for themselves.

They are veteran internet marketers who have created quite a number of digital products for sale online, such as Video Profit Machines. (Another machine?!)

This can also be seen by the multiple upsells, the extremely hyped-up sales pages and the poor quality training/product.

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What I Like about Auto Affiliate Machine

To be honest, there isn't really any benefit for Auto Affiliate Machine because it's impossible for you to make money with it.

But for the balance sake, here are 2 advantages I can say for AAM...

1. Affordable

This is just a $17 product. The upsells are all under $100 as well. So it's pretty affordable.

Even if you get scammed, it's not a big loss for you.

2. 30-Day Money-Guarantee

This is a JVZoo product with a 30-Day refund period. So it's possible for you to get a refund when you realize this product is not for you and you can't make money with it.

Auto Affiliate Machine Sales Funnel Revealed!

Take a look at the screenshot below. This is the entire sales funnel for Auto Affiliate Machine:

auto affiliate machine upsells

Front-End: Auto Affiliate Machine ($17)

The front-end product is just the software we have been talking about which costs $17.

But if you try to leave the page, there are 2 downsells and you can get AAM for as low as $12.

auto affiliate machine downsell
auto affiliate machine downsell 2

Upsell #1: Auto Affiliate Machine Elite Edition ($32)

The initial AAM software only allows you to integrate with 5 social media.

With this Elite Edition upsell, you can get access to 3 additional social sharing site integration. Also, there are some additional training.

Upsell #2: Auto Affiliate Machine - $1 Weekly Edition ($37)

Well, this is nothing much. Just another upsell with even more "training".

Upsell #3: Auto Affiliate Machine - Done-For-You Edition ($27)

This upsell includes a Done-For-You package with 50 ready-made landing pages, 49 Email swipes and 1000+ graphics.

Upsell #4: Auto Affiliate Machine - Reseller Edition ($47)

Last but not least, this is a $47 "resell license" which you can resell up to 500 copies of Auto Affiliate Machine and keep 100% profit.

A Much Better Way to Create PDFs

There are alternative ways for you to create even more stunning PDFs for Free. So I really don't see any reason for you to purchase this misleading product.

One easy way to create PDF report is to use Google Docs.

Just edit your document like how you usually do and export it in PDF format and you're done.

For the eCover, you can use Canva to create the graphics you need for your eBook or whatever PDF document you want to create.

Another problem I just realize about AAM is that you can only create ONE type of PDF document, and that is the simple product review. 

You don't have the flexibility to create your own custom PDFs like your own eBook, Cheatsheet, Checklist, Blueprint, etc...

Is Auto Affiliate Machine a Scam?

Honestly speaking, Auto Affiliate Machine is not a scam because it has a legit software for your money. But I must say it is extremely hyped-up and misleading.

You really can't make any money with this low-quality product. The way it runs affiliate marketing just doesn't work.

The Free Viral Traffic, instant profit and autopilot commission just don't exist.

After all, what would you expect from a $17 product?

A $17 product claims to change your life and make you thousands of dollars with minimal work?

Come one! Have a little bit of common sense...

If you want to make real consistent passive income, I can speak from my own experience that it takes a lot of time and hard work.

Any successful people will tell you the same thing. There's no shortcut to making money online, neither is there any overnight success.

So stop chasing the 'shiny objects' and FOCUS on something authentic and legitimate...

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Amanda - May 1, 2019

This is one of the few I’ve been reading about the affiliate machine… seems legit, but doesn’t do much for beginners who don’t know a thing about affiliate marketing. Thanks for your view on it man! 🙂


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