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Affiliate Marketing The Smart Way

Jerry Huang

Hey there, I'm Jerry.

Welcome to the page that can potentially CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

If you want to build an online business from scratch so that you can achieve your life goals, you've come to the right place.

Follow my guidance and you are about to embark on an exciting journey towards Time & Financial Freedom - This is what I called the "True Freedom".

Trust me, this is not any "salesy" or promotional message to you. This is something that I truly believe affiliate marketing is capable of.

It has happened and has been proven time to time again that affiliate marketing has changed a lot of people's life, completely.

I hope that you are NEXT...

Firstly, Let's Get The Most Important Thing Right - Your Mindset!

Before we start on anything today, let me tell you something important first. Making money online is easy & NOT easy!

Yes, it's paradoxical.

This is the same as all the other businesses. The initial learning curve is very steep. It definitely takes a long time before you get the hang of it and it takes even longer to make some money.

When you've overcome the steep upward slope at the start, you start getting traction and your online business is going to make you a Full-Time income.

Every Success Starts from the Right Mindset

Every Success Starts from a Right Mindset

The amount of money you earn is just going to snowball because everything is automatic online once you've set it up. It's also 24/7!

You will eventually be able to achieve both Time & Financial Freedom and live a life you truly want. There is no doubt about this. It's no longer an unattainable dream today. The sky is the limit once you've gotten that automation and traction.​​

One of the very big differences between online and offline businesses is that for online business, you are earning both MONEY and TIME in the long term. But for many offline businesses, you may be earning a lot of money, at the expense of your time freedom.

So, the very First Step in this business is to have the Right Mindset, and they are:

  • Be Patient & Consistent in your commitment
  • Treat it like a very serious business (It's indeed a Real, Legit & Serious business. Online business is not anything easier or less important than traditional offline business)
  • Be open-minded and keen to learn
  • Not afraid of failure
  • Self-disciplined & always have good plannings ahead
  • Good Time Management Skills
  • Always be willing to HELP and offer VALUE to others!

These are just some of the most important traits I learnt over the past years in this business. It's totally fine if you do not have all these traits right now because they will be yours soon as you follow along the guidance in my website.

By the way, most people fail online because of their own Unrealistic Expectation vs Imbalanced Effort!

Why Am I Telling You All These?​

Like I've said, I want YOU to strive towards YOUR success in a smart & efficient way. ​

Instead of jumping right into the training and overwhelm you with massive amount of information, allow you to have the right mindset before starting anything is critical.

I don't want you to be the next affiliate marketing failure because people who do not have the right mindset to start off often end up quitting halfway and thinking that this doesn't work.

In fact, my guidance for you has already begun, starting from changing your mindset.​

What I'm doing also coincide with one of the most important traits - Always be willing to HELP and offer VALUE to others! 

You've got to remember this point by heart as you move on through your journey here. It's the most basic yet powerful trait to help you succeed in anything, literally anything!

And let's get to the actual stuff...

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

For the benefit of those who are completely new to this term: It's basically being the "middleman" between seller and customer. You help seller promote the products to the customer. If the customer decides to accept your offer, certain percentage of commission will be paid to you by the seller.

I know you will have thousands of questions by this point if you do not have prior experience. But don't worry! I've got your back.

I was once in your situation. I have tonnes of questions in my head as well. I eagerly wanted to learn something and quickly make some money.

However, that's when I made several wrong decisions and wasted quite a lot of money. This gives me another reason to be here sharing my knowledge and experience with you - to avoid you making wrong decisions and wasting your previous time & money!

Let's quickly take a ​look at this infographic and it will be much clearer for you:


How Affiliate Marketing Works - The Complete Cycle Overview

A Quick Example:

For example, you are a dog owner. You definitely have a lot more experience and knowledge about dogs. This can be anything: how to take care of dogs, how to choose the right equipment... THIS is your Niche!

So now, you are in a dog's niche. You put up a website sharing your knowledge. At the same time, you become an affiliate of Now, you can promote any products on Amazon in your website. When someone interested about this niche purchased something you recommended, guess what, you are paid by Amazon! And this is called "Commission".

This may seem like a very straightforward process like what many other marketers "sell" you. In fact, there are a lot more details behind it to be learnt. It will sure be confusing and overwhelming. You may already be wondering how you can do that but you are clueless right now.

Good! We are on the same page. You are starting out exactly as I did. Follow this guide and I'll help you!

​Simple Break Down of What You Need To Do - 5 Steps

As I've mentioned earlier, a niche is an industry, a market that you want to focus on for your website. One website should only focus on ONE niche. This is to make your website and audience very targeted to get the best result.

Many people tend to have a huge problem while determining their niche. Let me help you with that.

As a beginner, it's best to choose a niche that you have some prior knowledge and/or experience in. This allows you to provide a much more valuable content to your audience. ONLY valuable and helpful information will make you money eventually.

Having said that, it doesn't mean you have to be an expert in that niche. One of the greatest fears many people have is that they are afraid to present their knowledge ​because they think they are not an expert.

This is natural. I have that as well when I get started. However, my advice for you is that it doesn't matter AT ALL. What actually matters is the skills you have. Stay close with me for more detailed guide.

​Just to give you an example of what your niche can be, it's pretty much endless. You can take a look at the different categories on Amazon. All the categories and sub-categories are great ideas for your website niche.

amazon directory

Screenshot of the Amazon Directory page. It's pretty much endless!

Right now, don't think too much on this. Just remember that anyone with any knowledge can start affiliate marketing.​

​Don't think too complicated about it. There's no need for you to invest a lot of money to hire website developer nor you need to learn any coding.

Today, there are software like WordPress where you can easily edit and manage your website without knowing a single code. There are even tools that allow you to "drag & drop" things around your website to easily design it in the way you want.

Building a website today is a piece of cake.

Step #3​ Blogging

​After you have your own website in place, you will need visitors. This is also known as the "traffic" to your website.

There are a lot of ways you can do this. But the most fundamental one you must have is to constantly post valuable blogs and new information in your website. These content will allow you to get ranked in Google and eventually more and more traffic.

Did you notice that I kept on emphasizing the word "valuable"?

It's because that ONLY valuable information will drive you long term traffic and long term income.


Blogging in WordPress

People want VALUES. If you are able to offer them more than what they want, they will automatically take out their credit card and ask more from you.

So after you have your website set up, one of the most important steps is to constantly create VALUABLE content for your readers.

Step #4 Make Your Site A Cash Cow

​It's definitely not enough by just having traffic to your site. Your ultimate goal is for them to BUY. So the next step is to convert these prospects into paying customers. That's another huge step. I'll explain more about how to make money with affiliate marketing further down in this page. Stay tuned!


Eventually, your customers will want to give you their money for the values you offer!

​Step #5 Duplicate the Process

​Once you are able to manage these steps, you can now easily dive into another niche and create another website. After some time, you will be finding yourself to have multiple income streams from different niche websites. 

It takes just ONE successful website to give you a Full-Time income. Imagine the amount of money you are going to make if you master these techniques and ​build multiple websites! The potential is unlimited.

I know it may still sound vague to you and you may still be skeptical about this affiliate marketing thing, especially when I start to talk about how powerful it is and all.

It's totally fine. ​I'm here to offer you my knowledge and help as much as I can to help you live the life you deserve. You can be skeptical but I urge you to stay with me for a while more. It's your life, it's your choice. I just want to help you make the best choice for yourself.

Let's quickly move on...​

I'll be slowly moving on to more technical stuffs with more technical terms. I hope you can cope. Any questions, just drop me a comment below or contact me at my contact page. Thanks 🙂

6 Ways To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

#1 Affiliate Programs

​This is basically, Affiliate Marketing. There are a lot of people with at least a product to sell, offering affiliate programs online.

They have the product but they don't have customers. So you work with these sellers in the form of affiliate and bring your visitors to the seller's product.

With each product sold, you will be paid certain amount of commission.

The most common affiliate program platforms are:

  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • ​ShareaSale

To find affiliate program in your niche, simply search "YOUR NICHE + affiliate program" in search engine.


Using the earlier dog niche example to search for affiliate programs

You can easily find programs that you can sign up immediately. This is a very useful technique to look for affiliate products to promote when you've reached this stage.

#2 Adsense Ads

​Adsense Ads are advertisements that are placed by Google in your website.

Whenever any of your visitor clicks on the ads, you get paid! Although it's usually a couple of cents per click, if you have a huge traffic, the amount can be significant as well.

To ask Google places ads on your website, you need to:

  1. ​Sign up for an account with Google Adsense
  2. Get Ad Code
  3. Add it to your own site
  4. Google approves your site for Adsense (Provided you have sufficient good content)
  5. Google will automatically display ads in your posts, page, sidebar...
  6. You get paid whenever they are clicked!

An example of Adsense Ads that can display on your site


In order to successfully sign up for Adsense, you must have contents that are deemed valuable to Google. So this links back to the point of constantly providing valuable content!

#3 Building a List

​Aka List Building, is a way to promote stuffs by capturing visitors' E-mail address.

In fact, this is called E-mail marketing, but it's also linked to Affiliate Marketing. (FYI, there are a few marketing methods that are often interlinked.)

On your website, you can set up E-mail collector, aka Opt-in form. When people subscribe and give you their E-mail address, you can engage with your visitors via E-mail to provide them with more values.

You can promote some products to them occasionally and this is where you earn. This will also be quite significant if you have a huge list.

Just remember, DO NOT SPAM or OVER-PROMOTE!

#4 Amazon Products

​When you have your niche website set up in place, you can actually sign up with Amazon to become its affiliate and promote any products from Amazon that's relevant to your site. 

This is quite similar to "Affiliate Program". But those I mentioned in point #1 are platforms that provide sellers to offer affiliate program and for affiliate marketers to interact and work with those sellers. These sellers can decide on their own affiliate rules/commission rate, etc.

For Amazon, it's an E-commerce website that you can help to promote stuffs and get paid by Amazon.​ Everything in Amazon is centrally managed by Amazon itself.

If you still don't get it, it's fine. For now, just know that it's also a form of affiliate program but its quite different from the normal ones.

I put it as one separate point is because that Amazon is too big and dominant and they have a slightly different affiliate program. People generally consider it as one separate way of affiliate marketing​.

Just like Google, it's a search engine. But it's so huge and dominant, people usually use Google to represent search engines, or even use it as a Verb.

#5 Advertising

​You can offer areas on your website for others to "rent" to place their ads.

This often occurs when you've got a pretty successful website with high volume of traffic.

Relevant companies and advertisers will want to leverage your visitors for their own benefit. So they pay you for the place to put their ads.

This is highly lucrative when your website is well-developed.

#6 Create Your Own Products​

​Last but not least, you do not have to always sell other people's stuff. You can create your own products for sale. YES, YOU CAN!

The product I'm saying do not need to be a physical product. You can create eBooks, online training, re​sources for sale. These are all very feasible options that do not need you to invest a lot. That's what many marketers are doing.

Have you noticed? What is the pre-condition for all these 6 Ways to be feasible?

​That is...You must have your own website set up and develop it consistently.

Remember, your website is your ONLINE ASSET!

If you have just ONE successful website, you can do a lot of things and make money in tons of ways...​

Take Action - Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing!

​The scope of today's article is to help you understand the basics of affiliate marketing and walk you through the simple steps you need to take. I cannot possibly squeeze all the information in one page. These are just the fundamental theory.

To really GET STARTED and reap the benefits of the online market today, I've​ created another page to guide you!

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Vasiliy - July 12, 2019

Hi Jerry.

I can’t stop being amazed how much valuable content you have on your website. I came across this post through another website and love the information you provided here.

Affiliate marketing is certainly a great way to start making money online with virtually no initial investment. Any visitor to your website can clearly see what results can be achieved if you put in great quality work.

You are a great inspiration.

Lorenzo - February 7, 2017

Your website is very well designed and filled with important info and content, very nice! Very well organized and flows well.

Norman Richards - January 24, 2017

Hello and thanks, it is just so amazing how ones life can be turned just by investing a few hours a day into this kind of work. Sky really is the limit and you can live the dreams that you always wanted. Thanks for sharing this awesome information that will help to stare in the right direction.

    Jerry Huang - January 25, 2017

    Hi Norman,
    Yes, this is an awesome opportunity for literally everyone. I’m sure everyone is interested in running a business online and earning passive income.

    It can be as simple as investing a few hours a day. But what really is important is how well you spend your time and how much effort and hard work you want to put in. Online business may seem easy to some but it is actually hard, to be honest. Most things that are worth doing are not easy.

    So if you really want to succeed, affiliate marketing is a really good option but you must be willing to put in the effort and never expect overnight success!

Sam Alston - January 24, 2017

Great job, I really like your picture selections. Keep up the good work!

    Jerry Huang - January 25, 2017

    Hi Sam, thanks for your kind words:)

Tom Lawrence - January 24, 2017

Hi Jerry,

Excellent post, keep up the good work and all the best for the future.

Kind regards,


    Jerry Huang - January 25, 2017

    Thank you Tom! This is Jerry…Tom & Jerry 🙂

Mattia - January 21, 2017

Very interesting and informative stuff Jerry! I’ll definitely follow your blog.

Thank you!

    Jerry Huang - January 22, 2017

    Hi Mattia,
    Thanks for following me. It’s my pleasure to share with you my knowledge!

Davida Shensky - January 21, 2017

Very good overview of affiliate marketing and information on generating an income with your website!

    Jerry Huang - January 22, 2017

    Hi Davida, thanks for reading 🙂

Anis Chity - January 21, 2017

Hi Jerry,
Affiliate marketing is the most profitable way to earn money and that’s why I want to get into it. I’ve heard many good things about it.

I have just started my website, I want to get into email marketing, do you have any tips for me?

I love your website, lots of value! Love your tips.

Keep these posts coming!

    Jerry Huang - January 22, 2017

    Hi Anis,
    Yes, affiliate marketing is simply awesome!

    I’m sorry that I do not have any tips for you right now regarding email marketing. I’m also learning about it at this moment.

    Thanks for asking and thanks for your kind words. I’ll share my tips about it when I’m ready!

Chris - January 21, 2017

Jerry, nice review, I like it! Very in-depth and good use of visuals. I think for anybody that is new to affiliate marketing, they can get a lot out of your website.

Did you go to college and get a degree to do something like this? Or are you saying anyone can build a website and start to make money?

Good job and keep up the good work!

    Jerry Huang - January 22, 2017

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your kind words.

    I didn’t go to college and get a degree to do this. To be honest, I have yet to attend college. I learn everything about this from Wealthy Affiliate which is full of great training and support. Yes, anyone can build a website and monetize it. You are right.

Kenny Lee - January 21, 2017

Great thorough step by step guide to affiliate marketing. And I like your reminder on how being successful online is not simple or quick. Many people have very incorrect expectation on this and more often than not, got scammed in the process.

    Jerry Huang - January 22, 2017

    Thank you Kenny! I feel that learning the mindset about how to succeed is as important as learning the actual skills. That’s why I want my readers to understand this upfront.

Millie - January 21, 2017

This is something I would like to look more into. I’m going to need more information. Thank you.

    Jerry Huang - January 21, 2017

    You’re Welcome Millie. Thanks for reading.

STEVEN PANG - October 27, 2016

What is Affiliate marketing all about? please give more detail about it.

    Jerry Huang - October 27, 2016

    Hi Steven,
    Thanks for your interest in Affiliate Marketing. It’s my pleasure to share that with you.

    I’m still working on this. Please give me a bit more time. The information will be much more complete next week. Do check out again next week:)


    Jerry Huang - November 5, 2016

    Hey Steven, there are more details about affiliate marketing now. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. I’m very happy to help you out:)


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